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Kenya’s Climate Resilience Revolution: Private Finance coupled with Civic Action Driving Sustainable Solutions Climate Impact

Introduction: The Crisis Unveiled: Impact of Heavy Rains and Flooding Kenya finds itself grappling with a dual challenge – the onslaught of heavy rains leading to widespread flooding and the imperative for climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. In this tumultuous time, tree planting emerges as a beacon of hope, offering multifaceted benefits in the face

Kenya Climate Ventures’ Transformative Initiatives in Refugee Communities

In February 2024, Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV) participated at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) conference, co-hosted by the Refugee Investment Network in Kenya. This significant event centered on the overarching theme of enhancing livelihoods and fostering self-reliance among displacement-affected communities throughout the region. A follow-up to the 2019 Kampala declaration, the conference brought attention

Harmonizing Life and Peace: Kenya Climate Ventures’ Vision for World Water Day 2024

Nurturing Sustainable Solutions and Resilient Communities through Water Innovation and Stewardship Conflict associated with water resources has occurred throughout recorded history, with water triggering violence and armed conflict, water systems being used as weapons, and water systems becoming casualties during conflicts. Understanding the causes of water-related violence and regional and temporal trends is critical for

Cultivating Resilience: Kenya’s Climate-Smart Agriculture Revolution

Introduction In the ongoing interview series, “Accelerating Environmental Sustainability: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Climate-Smart Sectors,” experts delve into the intricacies of sustainable development and impact investing. Focused on the initiatives of Kenya Climate Ventures Limited (KCV), the discussions provide a nuanced understanding of the current landscape within climate-smart sectors. From renewable energy breakthroughs to

Pioneering Evidence Driven Eco-Friendly Practices for Sustainable Macadamia Farming in Kenya

In the heart of Kenya, where the equatorial sun kisses fertile soils, the visionary Onja Uone Limited invites you to experience “Onja Uone” – a Swahili phrase meaning “Taste It to Feel It” – a transformative journey that captures great hope for growth, sustainability, and empowerment. Nestled in Lukhuna village, Bungoma, this family-owned Agro-processing gem

International Day of Clean Energy 2024 

Greening Kenya’s Future: Advancing Sustainability Through Investments in Renewable and Clean Energy Solutions   Introduction Clean energy stands as a pillar for achieving sustainable development, fostering gender equality, and mitigating Greenhouse Gas emissions. When implemented rightly, it can lead to profound impact that stretches beyond environmental benefits to economic empowerment, improved health, enhanced education opportunities, and

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Agriculture: The Success Story of MACE FOODS Limited

At the time the world is struggling with issues of gender, inclusion and sustainable ways of supporting women and youths’ welfare who are the most vulnerable in rural Kenyan households. One of our investee companies has for years taken lead in food value chain and Agri -processing trailblazer as a woman entrepreneur. MACE FOODS Limited,

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Why Company Building Skills Is Key to Early and Growth Stage Enterprises

Working with early and growth stage companies offers insight and lessons on the entrepreneurial journey and business development. At Kenya Climate Ventures we are modelled to offer catalytic finance and technical assistance to businesses at this stage. With strong enterprise development value proposition, we are proud to be following the works of Steve Blank and

Exploring the Future of Renewable Energy in Kenya

The renewable energy landscape in Kenya is dynamic and promising, with significant advancements and exciting developments on the horizon. In a recent interview with Mr. Mohamed Jibril Omar, the Chief Executive Officer at OFGEN(an Africa-focused Distributed Renewable Energy company), we delved into the state of renewable energy solutions, market trends, challenges, policies, technological advancements, community

Championing A Greener, Cleaner Future: Kings Biofuels’ Journey In Sustainable Energy Solutions

In our quest for sustainable energy solutions, we sat down with Festus Ngugi, the Director, Kings Biofuels Limited, a renewable energy company that is making significant strides in the fight against energy access challenges and deforestation. Through their innovative approach of crafting clean energy biomass briquettes from a variety of industrial and agricultural waste materials,