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Cultivating Resilience: Kenya’s Climate-Smart Agriculture Revolution

  • By Veronica Nzue
  • February 29, 2024


In the ongoing interview series, “Accelerating Environmental Sustainability: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Climate-Smart Sectors,” experts delve into the intricacies of sustainable development and impact investing. Focused on the initiatives of Kenya Climate Ventures Limited (KCV), the discussions provide a nuanced understanding of the current landscape within climate-smart sectors. From renewable energy breakthroughs to sustainable agriculture practices, the sectors under KCV’s purview form a tapestry of innovation aimed at fostering climate smart sustainability.

Seeds of Change: Unveiling Climate-Smart Initiatives in Nyandarua and Machakos Counties

The experts shed light on the prevailing trends shaping climate-smart sustainability from two counties that are excelling in Agriculture: Machakos County and Nyandarua County. Guandaru Nderitu, Climate Change Officer in Nyandarua County Government, sheds more insight on how the county has approached and mitigated challenges they face and how they have shown resilience to ensure a climate-smart county.

“The County has established and gazetted a climate change planning committee, which I am honored to be its Vice Chairperson. Its role is to bring together diverse stakeholders and experts to develop strategies and actions to address the challenges posed by climate change. By pooling knowledge, resources, and ideas, this committee aims to create effective policies, promote sustainable practices, and safeguard our catchment for the benefit of present and future generations,” says Guandaru Nderitu, Climate Change Officer in Nyandarua County Government.

As the journey unfolds, experts courageously confront the challenges that impede the smooth transition to sustainability. Regulatory complexities, technological barriers, and intricate socio-economic dynamics stand as formidable obstacles in the path toward a more sustainable future. Addressing the complexity of these challenges necessitates collaborative efforts and innovative solutions.

Kenya Climate Ventures has invested in the agricultural sector with portfolio clients like Hydroponics Africa Limited, which is a pioneer manufacturer and marketer of hydroponic agricultural systems in Kenya, Exotic EPZ is a licensed processor and exporter of nuts and oils, Mace Foods Limited which utilizes sustainable agricultural practices with restricted use of agrochemicals, Dash crop which supports development of climate-resilient crops value chains and Shammah Agribiz Group Limited, which uses tissue culture technology, to propagate quality tree and fruit seedlings for sale to private smallholder farmers, private plantation/orchard developers, and public sector tree planting programs contributing to increased forest cover in various counties.

Empowering Women, Nurturing Growth: The Crucial Role of Female Farmers in Sustainable Agriculture

Dr. Joel Nzomo, the County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture in Machakos County, underscores the significance of agriculture as the county’s most crucial economic activity. He expresses a strong belief in the potential of agriculture and is dedicated to supporting it in every possible way to enhance yield productivity and create markets for the produce. Dr. Nzomo emphasizes that he sees small-scale farming as the optimal approach for achieving food and nutritional security, improving livelihoods, fostering job creation, and enhancing resilience to the impacts of climate change.

“I confidently want to emphasize the pivotal role that women play in the agricultural sector and the urgent need to provide them with comprehensive support to enhance their productivity. Our Machakos County Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with non-governmental partners, is wholeheartedly dedicated to initiating additional programs specifically designed to empower women in agriculture. Recognizing them as catalysts for economic recovery, we are committed to ensuring that these initiatives contribute significantly to their advancement in the agricultural sphere,” says Dr. Joel Nzomo, the CEC Agriculture, Machakos County.


The future of agribusiness in Kenya holds immense potential in the realm of environmental sustainability. Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV) stands at the forefront, setting an exemplary path by effectively communicating its success stories and the impactful outcomes of its initiatives. Through this transparent communication, KCV not only attracts further investments but also contributes significantly to fostering a greener and more sustainable agricultural landscape. Together, we can collaboratively work towards a future that is not only brighter but also characterized by a heightened environmental consciousness, ensuring benefits for generations to come.