KCV has made 23 Climate Smart and Gender Inclusive Investments valued at an estimated USD 4.01 Million.

Investment Team

Our investment team is composed of individuals with strong analytical skills, and intellectual and personal integrity. We provide our investment team with an open environment and the resources they need to find great investments.

Investment Philosophy

We invest in businesses/business models in agribusiness, water, commercial forestry, renewable energy and waste management. Our focus is working with SMEs/ private sector companies whose growing commercial success will have a positive impact on target markets and communities in Kenya. We unlock the potential of private sector companies to deliver climate-smart technologies/solutions that transform underserved markets and create positive impacts to the lives of communities in Kenya.

Investing With KCV

Institutional and individual investors can invest in the Kenya Climate Ventures through various platforms. Please visit our investor page on our website to locate the key contact persons. Investors in Kenya Climate Ventures have access to quarterly account statements, quarterly Fund portfolios, commentary from our portfolio managers and quarter’s performance via e-mail or mailed by request.

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