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Meru Highlands secures support to expand milk processing

Kenya Climate Ventures, KCV, an independent financial organization in Kenya, has made a financial investment in Meru Highlands Dairy, the second biggest dairy processor in Meru County.  The investment in

Technology as an enabler for sustainable agriculture

When you think of the amount of effort and money put into outer space exploration, you might question the actual benefit to those of us on the ground. Some of

Loans for clean energy systems changing rural lives

Some of the vulnerable communities in rural Kenya are now able to buy their own solar-powered energy systems and efficient low-carbon cookstoves. This is thanks to the subsidies provided by

Fueling Kenyan schools with green fuel made from sugarcane waste

With energy generated from renewable sources predicted to be among the significant fuel sources in the coming decade, a company in Kenya is tackling the challenge head-on and turning waste

Water and energy for food: Addressing climate vulnerability

In recent years, the complex set of interdependencies among water, energy and food systems – or what is commonly termed the water-energy-food (WEF) nexus – has emerged as a central

KCV equity investments promises clean energy and a sustainable future

As the world celebrated Earth Week this year, Kenya found itself at a pivotal moment in an effort to achieve its ambitious goal of reducing its net Carbon emissions by

How KCV is driving transformation to climate-resilient food systems

Kenya’s food system is in the throes of a climate crisis. From massive outbreaks of desert locusts that can eat as much food as 35,000 people can per square kilometre

Driving resilience: financing energy for food and water

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recognizes energy, food and water as essentials for human well-being, sustainable development and poverty reduction. Projections show that the demand for

How to use finance as a sustainability advocate

While the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our personal and business lives upside down, we cannot ignore the silver linings that have emerged – perhaps none greater than a renewed sense

Impact investors steering towards renewable energy investments in Africa

The growing concern for the environment, climate change and its destructive consequences, combined with advancements in technology, have led to the rise in demand for alternative energy resources. Due to