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The grave need for banks, private sectors to acknowledge harmful climate impact

For a long time, banks and private sectors have resisted acknowledging their harmful climate impact but preferred focusing almost entirely on climate risk. The current wave of “net-zero 2050” commitments

Impact investing plants seeds of growth for farmers

When nutritionist and entrepreneur, Elizabeth Mwenda, reflects on the growth of Botanic Treasures, a health and wellness company dealing with value addition of specialty foods, she gives her early investors

KCV invests in Agriflora Solutions for impact in sustainable food and agriculture

Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV) has invested in an agribusiness startup company, Agriflora Solutions, to help the company accelerate the transition to sustainable food and agricultural system. The company based in

KCV: Elevating small scale enterprises through impact investing

Small scale enterprises are one of the key drivers of economic growth vital to most economies. They contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), create employment opportunities, aid in industrial

Financing green sectors: An opportunity for investors to yield healthy returns

Although there is an urgent need for innovation and investment on large scale to help sustain the economic growth of the green industrial revolution, financing of green sectors has presented

Robotic technological systems set to make agriculture more sustainable

For a very long-time agriculture has depended on disruptive innovations to make big strides. Today, innovators continue to innovate more technologies such as robotics that are likely to disrupt the

AgTech trends that are shaping the future of agriculture globally

Over the past years, the agricultural sector has been evolving tremendously in regards to increased automation, increased productivity rates,  as well as increased use/better quality fertilizers and seedlings  leading to

Kenya Climate Ventures invests in Onja Uone Limited, Sunken Limited

On Monday, 15th February 2020, Kenya Climate Ventures led by CEO Victor Ndiege signed financial agreements with Bungoma-based company Onja Uone Limited and Turkana-based Sunken Limited to help them unlock their

Investment in climate-smart agriculture has the potential of transforming Africa

Agriculture contributes to 14% of global (greenhouse gas) emissions making it a crucial sector that needs to urgently adopt sustainable, resilient and climate-smart solutions(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

Why there is a need to invest in humanitarian markets

Over two billion people worldwide live in countries where development outcomes are derailed by fragility, conflict, and violence. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, without intervention, roughly two-thirds of