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Using Local Resources to Provide Livelihoods with HornAfrik Gums Limited

HornAfrik Gums Limited utilizes untapped resources to provide alternate livelihood opportunities to local pastoralists. The company collects gums and resin in Wajir, Moyale and Marsabit in Northern Kenya. In 2016, the company noted gums and resin resource availability in Northern Kenya and started running the business informally.  The CEO of HornAfrik Gums Limited, Roble Garad,

Sustainable Farming with Hydroponics Africa Limited

Sustainable farming has become the frontier of the growing agricultural sector by promoting innovative resources and technologies in farm activities. Hydroponics Africa Limited, an advocate of sustainable farming, utilizes a hydroponic technology that decreases the amount of water needed to grow healthy plants. Hydroponic systems use 80% less water than traditional farming methods through their

The Menace of E- waste

On Thursday 14th October 2021, Kenya joined the world in marking The International E-Waste day which involved a call to all innovators, producers, consumers and technology companies to increase their sustainability agenda on e-waste management. The Global E-Waste Monitor of 2020 reported that 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste was generated globally in 2019 alone,

Taming Kenyan schools’ addiction to firewood

When it is lunchtime in most schools in Kenya, heavy smoke fills the air. Cooks who report for duty at 5AM every weekday and work until 8PM rush to serve more than 1,000 students and staff. But it is not the hard work or the long hours that bother most of these cooks – it

What is the best enabler for sustainable investment?

The sustainable investment market is still in its adolescence stage – and it is going through a growth spurt. While it is no doubt that the rapid uptake of sustainable investing is impressive, long term health is still not guaranteed. We may compare this to healthy living. Just as showing nutritional information does not guarantee

Sustainable investing in its teenage years

A new industry report suggests that COVID-19 has only deepened the pressure to invest sustainably for institutional players. Schroders’ latest look into sustainable investing has revealed that ethical investors aren’t just becoming more common and vocal and more sophisticated. Schroders’ global head of sustainable investment, Andrew Howard, pinned this development on the pandemic, noting that

Why investing in water is ideal to fight the climate change crisis

We all know there is a climate emergency. What is less well known is the significant impact it has on water scarcity. Water scarcity threatens lives, livelihoods, and, therefore, the stability of societies everywhere. Funding and innovation are urgently required to avert disaster – and investors can play an important role by backing businesses that

Kenya’s water dilemma: Walking into a silent crisis

It is no surprise that Kenya Climate Ventures, KCV, an impact investor in Kenya, has opened a window of investment for enterprises concerned about water sustainability in the country. The firm seeks to fund early – stage water enterprises to provide solutions that ensure sustainable access to affordable and safe water for domestic and productive

Renewable energy pioneer wins backing from Kenya Climate Ventures

On Monday, 19th July 2021, Kenya Climate Ventures, led by CEO Victor Ndiege, signed an investment agreement with a Kenyan, non-deposit  microfinance organization based in Kisumu, Rafode Limited, to help them unlock their growth and explore the green energy value chain in Isiolo and West Pokot Counties. Rafode Limited is working with rural low-income earners

KCV invests in gum production in northern Kenya

Kenya Climate Ventures, KCV, an impact investment management company that seeks to accelerate access to climate smart solutions by providing tailored and targeted financial, technical assistance and business development support, KCV has invested in Hornafrik Gums Limited through a debt facility, a company involved in collection and aggregation of gums and resins in Northern Kenya.