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Increasing Sustainability by reducing Women’s Vulnerabilities to Climate Change with Sunken Limited

  • By KCV
  • January 28, 2022

Sunken Limited is a medium-sized enterprise working in the renewable energy sector in Kenya. They fabricate energy efficient cook stoves in their factory in Kakuma and distribute these in the Kakuma and Kalobeyei refugee camp as well as the wider Turkana Region. In addition to the stoves, Sunken Limited also distributes solar powered irrigation pumps across Kenya. 

According to the CEO of Sunken, Christine Atego, the company aims to introduce energy-efficient cooking methods to replace the traditional open fires to rural regions within Kenya. The use of Sunken Limited’s improved cookstoves is cost-effective as households get up to 40% in savings on their fuel consumption. Energy-efficient cookstoves also decrease carbon emissions and respiratory illnesses within households. These products are significantly impactful to women due to their traditional gender roles that place them in the kitchen. The company also works with local artisans to provide local employment opportunities that increase the earning potential of households and the community. 

From an environmental perspective, the use of energy-efficient cook’s stoves reduces carbon emissions. With their solar powered irrigation pumps, Sunken Limited aims to make farmers more resilient to changes in rainfall patterns by enabling them to secure their water supply. Solar-powered irrigation pumps also replace the unsustainable and predominantly used diesel pumps. 

Sunken’s CEO Christine Atego has stated that Kenya Climate Ventures Limited (KCV) has proved to be a reliable investor and partner who has contributed significantly to their growth in the past year. KCV has provided capital and business development support to Sunken Limited that has provided an opportunity for them to secure other funding opportunities.  With the support of KCV, Sunken Limited has been able to grow in production capacity by increasing the distribution of energy-efficient cookstoves from 200 – 250 per month to 500 – 600 per month. This 100% increase has allowed Sunken Limited to expand its distribution network from 26 LMES to 78 LMES, including retail, micro, and small enterprises. The investment of KCV has also leveraged additional financing to Sunken from AECF to scale access to refugees and host community markets in Turkana County. With these achievements and expanding markets, Sunken Limited aims to be a leading renewable energy partner in Kenya.

By Christiane Amare Lemma