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Impact investors steering towards renewable energy investments in Africa

The growing concern for the environment, climate change and its destructive consequences, combined with advancements in technology, have led to the rise in demand for alternative energy resources. Due to this, renewable energy investment is no longer just an idea or a far fetched dream. Instead it is now being considered a profitable avenue and

KCV: Elevating small scale enterprises through impact investing

Small scale enterprises are one of the key drivers of economic growth vital to most economies. They contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), create employment opportunities, aid in industrial development, help promote sustainability and satisfy local demand for services just to mention a few. Unfortunately, most startups and early stage enterprises in Kenya find

AgTech trends that are shaping the future of agriculture globally

Over the past years, the agricultural sector has been evolving tremendously in regards to increased automation, increased productivity rates,  as well as increased use/better quality fertilizers and seedlings  leading to more efficient cultivation of land.  With technology at the center of it all, the agricultural sector is slowly finding ways to incorporate technology into its

Water management investments crucial in achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Given the relationship between water security and economic growth, it is safe to say that investments in the water sector are key for sustainable development and inclusive growth, leading to the realization of multiple sustainable development goals such as health, food security, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption and production and health. SDG 6 specifically reflects the

Sistema Bio performs well in the 60 Decibles Agriculture impact benchmarks 2020- Report

Sistema.bio is doing well compared to 60 Decibels Agriculture impact benchmarks. The biodigester company has an opportunity to increase inclusivity, and farmer satisfaction by actively addressing their challenges. This is according to the benchmarking report done by 60 decibels-an impact measurement company that helps organizations around the world better understand their farmers, suppliers, and beneficiaries.

Sistema Bio: Creating value from waste for Kenyan smallholder farmers

The Kenyan market currently has a huge demand for biogas. Sistema Bio is keen on filling the biogas gap in the country by introducing competitively priced high-performance bio-digesters and add-on productive accessories. ASM reached out to Esther Altorfer, the managing director in East Africa to shed more light on their products, the market as well