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Sistema Bio performs well in the 60 Decibles Agriculture impact benchmarks 2020- Report

  • By Vivian Kwame
  • January 12, 2021

Sistema.bio is doing well compared to 60 Decibels Agriculture impact benchmarks. The biodigester company has an opportunity to increase inclusivity, and farmer satisfaction by actively addressing their challenges. This is according to the benchmarking report done by 60 decibels-an impact measurement company that helps organizations around the world better understand their farmers, suppliers, and beneficiaries.

In order to gauge the depth of the impact of Sistema. Bio for their report, 60 decibles interviewed 262 Sistema.bio clients who are primarily small scale farmers. “90% of customer’s report at least some improvements in their quality of life because of Sistema.bio. 98% of farmers use the bio fertilizer on their own farm –they cite improvements in crop productivity and revenue as the reasons for their positivity,” states the report.

In addition to this, the farmers also reported that they noticed an improvement in the air quality and household cleanliness, and even the more intangible value of the eco-friendliness of the product.

“I am a small-scale farmer and thus I feel like the biodigester has helped me reduce my expenses since I do not have to use money to buy fuel,” said one of the farmers interviewed during the benchmarking process.

Other findings

Aside from the improvement in quality of life, 87% of Sistema.bio customers are using the fertilizer from the biodigester on their farms. Due to the use of the biodigesters, the farmers have noticed changes the production of crops using the same land reflecting an increase in the farmer’s productivity levels.

In relation to the impact on farmer revenue, 74% of the farmers reported increased revenue. Increased volume sold was the top reason for increased earnings as reported by 54% of those who reported an increase in revenue, which can be tied to the productivity boost as reported by the farmers. On the other hand, 26% of farmers reported no change in revenue giving the following two reasons:  they did not use enough fertilizer and they used the fertilizer for subsistence and not commercial farming.

Sistema. Bio’s biodigester has a Net Promoter Score® of 42 which is good, and in line with the 60dB Kenya benchmark. The Net Promoter Score® is a gauge of satisfaction and loyalty. Most of Sistema.bio clients prefer the digesters because it cost effective, convenient and ecofriendly.

“Cooking using the biogas is fast and convenient and there are no surprises of gas getting finished and no use of money to refill. There is no using money as only wastes are used to produce the biogas,” said one of the farmers during the interviews.

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