/ Board Member

Ian Cooke is an expert in sustainability and environmental sector with an extensive international network. He is an investment professional with experience in advising and investing in technologies, projects, JVs and business. He is also an experienced Non-Executive Director and Chairman with deep knowledge of working with entrepreneurs and management teams as well as the diverse range of investors and funders deploying (blended) finance in the sector; to make investments, manage projects and businesses, catalyse new markets and deliver growth for infrastructure, technologies, business and finance. Ian has experience in designing, financing and delivering innovative activities with public funders, corporate and impact investors. Ian is currently EU based with significant international experience, including emerging markets in Africa and Asia. He is presently practicing independent advisory and investment management activities in environment and sustainability sectors in London and Geneva. He previously worked with Carbon Trust in London and Geneva as the Director Investment and Innovation where he also served as the Venture Director and in Investment and Innovations. Ian has also served as Venture Director at Greenhouse Investments and as a Full-Time MBA at Cranfield School of Management with a focus on Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He also worked in Hong Kong as the Strategy and Business Development Director at AsiAlliance.com Limited, Corporate Development Manager at Downer Edi Limited and as a Senior Project Manager at 8 Kumagai Gumi/Acciona, KEC Joint Venture. He has also worked as a Consulting Engineer at Stewart Scott Incorporated in Johannesburg. Ian holds a BSc. in Civil Engineering from University of Cape Town, an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and has an FCA Authorisation.