Entrepreneur’s Name: Madrin Maina

Email Address: madrin@sistema.bio

Website: https://sistema.bio

Thematic Area: Renewable energy


Sistema Kenya (legal name “Good Farmland Management Kenya”). Sistema Kenya markets, installs and services modern modular flexible bio-digester systems and accessories produced by its parent company in Mexico. Sistema Kenya is well placed to disrupt the bio-digester market in the region by introducing competitively priced high performance bio-digesters and add-on productive accessories.
Sistema Kenya is a subsidiary of Sistema Biobolsa (legal name “Buen Manejo del Campo”) registered in Mexico. The company was co-founded by Alex Eaton and Camilo Pages. Alex brought on board strong knowledge of bio-digester systems and market knowledge while Camilo brought manufacturing expertise. Sistema has so far sold systems in Latin America (Mexico, Nicaragua and Columbia) and in India where it has set up a joint venture with the Tata Foundation.

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