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KCV Clients Receive CO-Financing From KKCF

Sunken Limited , Rafode Limited and Hydroponics Africa Limited are among the overall winners of the just concluded Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund competition. The Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund (KKCF) is a program run by the International Finance Corporation implemented together with the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund, UNHCR and the Turkana County Government. Structured on a

How Climate Change Impacts Women in East Africa

Women in rural regions of East Africa including Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. These women are vulnerable because of traditional gender roles within their societies. Gendered societal barriers and a failure in policy implementation regarding climate change compound the  vulnerability of women to impacts of climate

  • Christiane Amare Lemma
  • May 13, 2022
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The role of policy implementation in climate change

Article by:- Christiane Lemma In the past decade, climate change has been taken more seriously by the political world, or so we thought. Several policies have been created to prevent further consequences from climate change in the Global South, specifically regarding gender mainstreamed policies. However, these have failed to help the climate struggle; and are

How human centered design can enhance international development

Human centred design (HCD), concerns the prioritization of the user in your design process or thinking. You combine how individuals interact with each other, society, the environment and then you use this information to aid your design process. Kenya Climate Ventures often collaborates with organizations that keep this thought process in mind through the implementation

The sustainability barriers for women

Women living in rural regions in East Africa, in countries such as Kenya are equipped for innovating solutions regarding seasonal impacts of climate change: “women in Africa have been among the first to notice the impact of climate change and its effect on the agricultural cycle, human and animal life; food production and food security”

Productivity a Key factor in Developmental Progress

Kenya has undergone vast developmental progress over the past few years with a fall in the national poverty line from 46.8% in 2005/6 to 36.1% in 2015/16 as reported in The World Bank report of 2020. This is attributed to the increased rates of productivity that supported a stable growth in gross domestic product (GDP),

Technological and Surveillance in the world of Sustainability

Technological innovation can be one of the most significant factors in saving the environment in the future. As David Biello mentions in “The Curated Wild,” are machine learning and AI. Machine learning is the concept of learning the most effective means of an action, for example, which area is the most productive in planting a particular

Why you need funding for a Start-up

You have completed stage one if you have a unique, innovative idea and the determination to succeed. However, if you want your business to develop as an entrepreneur, you will need to secure money for your startup. New firms still in the early stages of development will require funding, and a small business’s cash flow

Going nuts: Farmers’ big bet to escape poverty

Macadamia farming is a sunrise industry. It holds much promise for farmers, the economy and consumers alike, particularly as the market is experiencing exponential growth in demand. The potential of the macadamia farming and processing industry is still young in Kenya, meaning that farmers are still learning the trade tricks. Therefore, the industry requires more

Farmers struggling with dead land, there is hope

The use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides would possibly increase yields. Still, these inputs are out of reach to many small-scale farmers as they require capital and risk environmental pollution. Farmers are, therefore, being encouraged to turn to organic farming to improve their yield production. Agri Flora Organic Solutions is an early-stage company trying to