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Robotic technological systems set to make agriculture more sustainable

  • By KCV
  • February 24, 2021

For a very long-time agriculture has depended on disruptive innovations to make big strides. Today, innovators continue to innovate more technologies such as robotics that are likely to disrupt the status quo and create immense benefit to farmers and consumers.

Robotic agricultural systems such as drones, self-driving tractors, fruit-picking robots and smart sensors are set to transform global systems by greatly impacting large scale sectors of the economy even as farmers’ advance towards technological use in pursuit of greater yields.

So far, four innovations have brought a change in the agricultural sector with genetic seeds, mechanization and fertilizers taking centre stage. This means that there is a future for robotic systems too; they have the potential of solving problems related to farming

As the new robotic technology make crop production significantly more efficient and more sustainable it is a critical determinant of productivity growth and has the potential to reshape global supply chains.

Through the use of robotics, smart machines will do the day to day work as farmers check from the confines of their control room whether the processes are running smoothly and fine-tune them where and as necessary. An increase in efficiency of the process is likely to increase production and therefore contribute to meeting the growing global demand for sustainable food.

Traditionally, if there is a problem with a few crops, farmers usually spray all crops to ensure pests doesn’t spread. Robotic technologies however make it possible for a farmer to detect the precise location of the farmer and spray only the affected crops, thus cutting on costs. It is, therefore, important that we rethink how we do agriculture and develop smart farming techniques.

Although there might be concerns about robotic technologies crippling the employment sector, they have the opportunity of leveraging the agricultural sector. They can help farmers reduce costs and make better decisions. Technology is not the end goal, but the end goal is to understand what people need from technology.

With investments and innovative solutions of robotic technologies on the rise, Kenya Climate Ventures(KCV), takes pride in investing in new technological systems that have the potential of safeguarding global food security.

The company supports smart innovative solutions that have the potential to positively impact communities, improve efficiency, and transform market systems in the agricultural sector.