Entrepreneur’s name: Roy Wafula 

Email address: roy.wafula24@gmail.com 

Website link: https://shammahagriteque.com/ 

Thematic area: Commercial Forestry 

Location: Bungoma


Shammah Rown Group Limited is a registered private company limited by shares and was incorporated in the year 2012 under the Companies Act (Cap.486) of the Laws of the Republic of Kenya and has a registered address P. O BOX 1631-50200 Bungoma Kenya with offices at Al-khairat Plaza, 1st floor located along Cathedral Road opposite Catholic Church in Bungoma town. It also operates a half-acre farm located after Sikata Market, off the Webuye-Malaba Road, Bungoma, hosting the company’s seedlings and plantlets storage, multiplication, bulking and distribution activities. The company is developing a 1,000,000 tissue culture seedlings capacity biotechnology lab funded by Kenya Climate Ventures, three modern, model seedling nurseries and hardening shade houses and a grafted avocado nuclear plantation orchard in 10 acres company own land in Chemche area in Kanduyi constituency, approximately 6km from Bungoma town. Nevertheless, the company is establishing own mother block for both avocado and banana seedlings propagation source materials.

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