Entrepreneur Name: Margaret Komen

Email: info@macefoods.com / macefoods@gmail.com

Website: http://www.macefoods.com

Location: Eldoret

Thematic Area: Agribusiness


KCV invested in Mace Foods in February 2020 towards company expansion strategy. Mace foods is involved in two main segments in the Agribusiness industry: Spices and Ethnic Foods. In the Spices segment they are specialized producers, processors, and marketers of several varieties of dried chilies both for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, targeting domestic and export markets. In the Ethnic/African Food segment, they produce, process and market African leafy vegetables and assorted Ethnic/African foods. The main export markets include: Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Netherlands und USA. The local market mainly targets individual consumers of traditional vegetables while the export market targets institutional investors in consumer and pharmaceutical industries. The company has contracted over 10,000 smallholder farmers with 48% of them being women and youth farmers. Mace Foods is working with the farmers to create market access for their long cayenne chillies, African Birds Eye chillies, Ethnic vegetables, dehydrated spices, Chamomile, Rosemary and Dill Weed produce. The business has adopted Fair Trade practices which means utilizing sustainable agricultural practices with restricted use of agro chemicals, and fair prices for farmers, while ensuring decent working and living conditions for workers.

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