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Building resilience against climate change – the sustainable development nexus

An emerging theme leading up to the COP 26 conference in Glasgow is the need to utilize funds for climate change adaptation in Africa. Africa’s carbon emissions are pretty low, yet the continent faces a substantial risk to the bio-physical impacts of climate change. Due to this, there is a dire need to accelerate access to funding

Energy consumption at the household level

Due to the growing population and the rise in energy demands, there is a dire need to ensure that energy sources and consumptions are sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Household energy consumption represents a considerable amount within the overall energy expenditure of Kenya, and most households are primarily dependent on non-clean energy sources for their

Delivering gender-inclusive livelihoods to Kenya’s drylands

Kenya’s northern frontier is home to marginalized, poverty-stricken and vulnerable communities. Approximately 16 million Kenyans, almost one-third of the country’s population, currently reside in these drylands. This heightens the need to address these communities’ environmental, economic, and social challenges. Pastoralism, one of the traditional livelihoods in these areas, is currently threatened by climate change. The