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The Need

Early stage companies in Kenya face significant challenges in accessing appropriate financing, as well as tailored management assistance to develop and scale their businesses and achieve commercial viability. The funding gap is particularly critical for the clean-technology asset class, given that it is new, and its track record unproven. The clean-tech sector is a field that is growing strongly in Africa but many early stage enterprises are not finding the private flexible capital they need.

KCV is thus seeking to accelerate the development of the clean-technology by making patient-capital commercial investments in small to medium early-stage enterprises that are focused on the clean-technology, agribusiness, and water management sectors. The ultimate goal is for them to scale their markets and receive follow on investing. By so doing, KCV will also facilitate the attainment of social, environmental and economic returns.

Who we are looking for

We want to work with entrepreneurial organizations that share our belief in the potential of clean technology to offer new approaches to tackling pressing social challenges including environment and sustainability, employment, and economic wellbeing. Your compelling proposition is more important to us than what type of organization you are. If you have an innovative or new business model approach to your work; or a disruptive clean technology solution that addresses a specific challenges in renewable energy, agribusiness, and or water management then talk to us.

Kenya Climate Ventures Activities

KCV provides funding and technical assistance support that enables entrepreneurial organizations in our focus sectors to develop more robust products or services and demonstrate its value to intended users and other stakeholders.

Technical assistance

A technical assistance support package including business advisory, mentoring, marketing and communications advice and networking opportunities is provided to successful entrepreneurs. KCV provides marketing expertise to its portfolio companies in all aspects of their marketing strategies. It will also provide support in Human Resources and Talent Management, and support in acquisition of physical capital that will be used in production, such as machinery, premises, among others, which are primary factors of production.


KCV seeks to invest in good businesses with attractive valuations. The Fund also takes environmental, social and governance factors into account in making investment decisions. KCV provides financing of an average of USD 300K investments using equity, debt and convertible debt.