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Access to nutritional health benefits from Moringa

In the heart of Bahari Constituency, Kilifi County, is Matsangoni Model Health Centre. “This is where the Moringa tree journey began,” notes the Chief Executive Officer of Kilifi Moringa Estates (KME) Papu Haroon. The health facility is home to 360 moringa trees.

Moringa: Supporting the elderly group with a source of livelihood

More often than not, the elderly group in the African Society is characterised with dependence and involvement of caregivers. Many may not have access to a stable and consistent source of income and are normally supported by their children who live in the city. A few of the elderly folk who had stable jobs will enjoy their pension upon retirement. But this is not always the case for all.

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Growing SMEs Amidst Climate Change

Climate change continues to increase risks to businesses, infrastructure, assets and economies leading to slower than expected growth of Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) into corporates that are able to promote climate-smart solutions.